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Artist Statement - Photography

About 15 years ago, my photographs began as a visual record of my travels. I soon discovered that I had an eye for the composition in the images I was chronicling. I started exhibiting my work here and there, and they sold regularly. I then purchased a more expensive Nikon 35 mm SLR and fell in love with the art of photography. Later, I added a fine Canon digital SLR and added several lenses. I do some enhancements of my photos. I’ve traveled to every continent on the planet (except Antarctica). I love the diversity and beauty of the physical environments, as well as the beauty in human diversity. I hope to convey in my photography the love I have for the planet and its people.

I am a juried exhibiting artist in the area of photography for the Kentucky Guild for Artists and Craftsmen.


Artist Statement - Painting

Color is a very important part of my paintings. I hope to express in my abstract paintings the joy and delight I find in light and color. Also in my abstracts, I try to express experiences that go deeper than just physical observation—like the American Transcendentalist writers—Whitman, Emerson and Thoreau. The energy that exists in all creation. Those who purchase my work say that my paintings are uplifting or make them feel good when they look at them. I use acrylics and gesso, and paint primarily with my fingers and hands. Usually there are fingerprints on the back of my paintings, leaving a little part of myself behind. I do occasionally use brushes and other tools like pallet knives. I love the texture of the canvas, and the“tooth” it has. In some paintings I thin my acrylics with sprays of water to get translucency and watery effects. I work in very large format and small formats. My small paintings, I feel, are more accessible to people who want to own the art but may not have the resources to own a very large painting.


I didn’t paint my first painting until the age of 62 years old. It was a huge surprise when I painted from beginning to end with no fear, no concern of what it would turn out to be. It was pure joy in motion. While this is a discovery that I cannot really explain, my paintings find their home with people who love them. While I pick up new media techniques and inspirations from talented artists and teachers here and there, it has been one of the most effortless and joyful surprises of my life.

I am a juried exhibiting artist in the area of painting for the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.

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