Creative Explorations is a hands-on workshop in mixed media designed for those who want to "get their feet wet" in art, have fun, and explore the creative process.  A safe atmosphere is created for participants to feel relaxed and enjoy new ways of expressing themselves in visual arts.  Projects range from mixed media art cards, acrylic painting, to rock paintings, and more!

ArtStarts is a hands-on workshop taught by Mary Claire for early childhood teachers in integrating visual art, creative movement, and theatre arts into the classroom curriculum. ArtStarts uses an interface of children's literature to develop pre-literacy skills. Activities are inclusionary and use materials and supplies found in any classroom. There is also a version of this ArtStarts workshop for parents in using easy, fun arts activities at home for quality play and developing pre-literacy skills.

The Creativity Carrot

Participants experience and become more comfortable with the creative process, understanding their own ways of expression, discovering new ones, and how effortless creativity can unfold in the present moment. This hands-on workshop ends with a memorable "carrots" circle.

For more information about scheduling workshops, availability and format, please call 859-272-2515 or email through the Contact page of this site. Thank you!

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